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The Science Behind BMI

BMI was based on a simple premise. If patients could be taught the skills shown to necessary to keep the weight off, their long-term success would be more likely. In fact, BMI's program was designed to reflect the success of registrants of the National Weight Control Registry, where the average registrant has lost 67lbs and kept it off for more than 5 years.

Rather than having a "weight loss" phase and a "weight maintenance" phase, patients at BMI lose and maintain their losses with exactly the same strategies and the thinking there is simple. If a person loses weight undereating or overexercising, regardless of how much they might lose, ultimately they're liable to regain as they eventually return to the way they were living before they lost.

At BMI we do not use severe diets, all-liquid diets, natural supplements, vitamin injections or require the purchase of any products. Instead we provide your patient with an applied education that will help them navigate the world we live in.

Obesity is a chronic progressive disease, but it's probably also fairly described as a disease of the environment in that over the course of the past 40 years, while obesity rates have more than tripled, genes haven't changed, people haven't suddenly become more hedonistic and there isn't an epidemic lack of willpower. What's changed is the world we live in and to successfully navigate weight in this world takes skill and a great deal of resources.

While I once tried to be a one-man-gang and help people with behavioural weight loss in the context of a traditional family practice, I quickly realized that I simply couldn't provide patients the skills and supports they needed in a 15 minute appointment once a month. It was then that I put together BMI.

If at any point in time you have any questions about weight management or nutrition for your patients, whether they're in the program here or not, please don't hesitate to call or email me. I know only too well, this stuff isn't covered in medical school.


Yoni Freedhoff, MD
Medical Director, Bariatric Medical Institute
Family Practice Chair, Canadian Obesity Network
President, Reality Coalition Canada